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The property taxation report by BRUS

Rapport om eiendomskatten 2017

How are cities contributing towards digital development?

Presentation - Status teknologi Norge: How are cities contributing towards digital development?

Presentations Dialogueforum 2016 Salten Salmon and Trout

Use of area for sea trout and sea trout project Skjerstadfjord by Jan Davidsen

Lecture about wild-salmon and fishing-management by Knut Haugen

Lecture about Bodø Hunting and fishing society by Knut Haugen

Mapping breeding- and growing areas by Bjart Are Hjellen

Presentations from Dialogue meeting Aquaculture/Wild-salmon

Skjerstadfjord - Fish farming and wild fish by Øyvind Kanstad Hanssen

Skjerstadfjord - More fish by Øyvind Kanstad Hanssen

SALT's lecture by Kjersti Eline Tønnesen Busch