Innsikt Bodø

Innsikt Bodø is a networking platform for businesspeople in the Bodø area, (leaders and employees), government employees (government, municipality, county, enterprises), politicians, students, entrepreneurs, voluntary organizations and other people who are interested in city – and business development in the Bodø area.

Breakfast meetings

Innsikt Bodø will hold breakfast meetings about several subjects in 2017. This is a perfect place to kickstart your day if you’re interested in city- and business development in the Bodø municipality, no matter if you’re a leader, an employee, a student, interested, or just curious.


Friday 3rd of february
Friday 10th of march
Friday 7th of april
Friday 2nd of june
Friday 1st of september (subject Parliamentary election)
Friday 6th of october
Friday 3rd of november
Friday 1st of december

Subject for the breakfast meetings will be published at Innsikt Bodøs Facebook page.