The idea behind BRUS

As shareholders in BRUS, we aim to contribute to a positive development of the community through creating new jobs and workplaces. Our vision is: What’s good for the community – is good for the company.

Mission statement for BRUS

  • Creating workplaces that adds value to the region.
  • Increase cooperation between the political sphere and the corporate world.
  • Be a clear voice for the business community.
  • Action for change.


  • Always be head on and in control
  • Stay focused on the possibilities
  • No whining
  • We never give up – nothing is impossible
  • We have the will to try


Creating jobs/workplaces

To build Bodø into a stronger region, Brus is going to:

  • Create jobs/workplaces based on the resources in the region and existing businesses.
  • Create 2020 new private and municipal job opportunities by the year of 2020.
  • Research and review current tax incentives, with the goal of discovering possibilities that can be implemented to attain more job opportunities and add value to the north.
  • Making the region of Bodø more international, well-known and attractive.



The key elements for efficient business activity are logistics and infrastructure like functional roads for transportation, access to clean water and fiber optics capacity.

To build Bodø into a stronger region, Brus is going to:

  • Realise the plans for “Ny by – ny flyplass” (New city – new airport)
  • Make the housing and marked area efficient and flexible.
  • Easy access to commercial areas



The prerequisite for a long-term development and renewal in the region, are educated and experienced people. Focusing on education and work experience will create jobs.

To build Bodø into a stronger region, Brus is going to:

  • A better financed, attentive and offensive Nord University
  • Cooperation between Nord University and the business sector
  • Get more young people working, more apprenticeships and more people finishing high school.