The Bodø region

- an unique part of the new North-Norway

The Bodø region is a logistics hub north of the arctic circle, although it is closer to the centre of Norway in geographical terms. The region is made up of 9 municipalities, with a total of about 85.000 residents.

The region possesses almost all the Norwegian values within a small area, with resources in minerals, the ocean, renewable energy, and a breathtaking environment. The different resources help tie the region together into an amazing residential- and job market region. This creates a multitude of choices for both residents and business.

The region holds a variety of businesses, within industry, services, fish farming, and power production.

NORD University is located in Bodø, with its own MBA education at the Trade College. The university also has education programs within teaching, nursing, and social studies. There’s also about 1500 engineers in the region, and UiT has their own education within computer engineering localized within NORD University.

Salten Kraftsamband is the larges power production company in North-Norway with a yearly production of about 2 TwH per year. The company has their head quarters in Fauske. The city has about 10.000 residents, and lies about 50km away from Bodø, with good connections between the two in both roads and railroads.

The region has a magnificent and varied environment with fjords, mountains, and amazing beaches of sand. Lonely Planet and Huffington Post have both awarded the region as one of the worlds best travel destinations.

Bodø is the county capital of Nordland, with upwards of 50.000 residents, and is also well known for its avation community and the great “Stormen” opera house. In 2016, the city was awarded as the most attractive city in Norway. Bodø has also launched their candidacy as the European culture capital in 2022.

The runway of the futurein Bodø

BRUS meant that it was important to direct focus towards new opportunities after the choice to move the military fighter base to Ørlandet.

In fall 2013, BRUS re-launched what’s now become the “New City New Airport” project. In 2013, the politicians in Bodø were split about the choice.

BRUS initiated a good process which resulted in a unity about the choice, in January 2014. An unanimous vote was needed to get a national breakthrough for the project.

This case shows that nothing is impossible, and that local agreement and cooperation is a necessity for national breakthrough. Which the Bodø region has succeeded in. Groundwork has been made for positive resolution in the parliament. This will lay more of the groundwork for added value, and lots more workplaces in the generations ahead.

Bodø will be thebiggest in the north

Property manager Tord U. Kolstad, who owns land throughout the whole country, wants to merge, and give the region a stronger stance on a national level, bedre forutsetninger i næringslivet og økt tilflytting.

We stand stronger together. Nordland is the largest county in the North, and this region is the biggest in North-Norway.  That makes us attractive to the outside world.

Northern light tourismis taking off

Because Bodø lies on a peninsula, in the middle of Nordlands coastline, we have no mountains blocking out the light. We can see the sun, or at least a bit of the sun, just below the horizon. This casts Bodø in a spectacular light, throughout the entire year, even during the polar nights. From dark blue, shimmering gold, to a deep pink color.