North-Norway, a collective name for the three northernmost municipalities: Nordland, Troms and Finnmark; 112 951 square kilometers with 470 757 residents. (2011), takes up 34,9 % of Norwegian land, 10 % of the Norwegian population.

The industry of North-Norway is significantly important. Earlier, most of it consisted of the fishing industry, Today however, most of it is taken up by oil and gas exports from the Norwegian and Barents seas. The income from petroleum on the North-Norwegian shelf was 58 billion norwegian kroners (7 bil. USD) in 2014. The norwegian oil and gas sector has accumulated 350 billion norwegian kroners (42 bil. USD) in total since it started in 1997. Collectively, the export from North-Norway was worth 36 billion norwegian kroners (4,3 bil. USD).

(Source: Store Norske Leksikon)


Report - "Delivered", the report about oil deliveries from North-Norway